(LDAP) authentication server does not work.

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The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication server does not work. This server acts as the Active Directory domain controller as well as a global catalog and it also populates the accounts cache. I did a test connection which is successful on “Start TLS” and on “encrypted.” Is it possible to use LDAP without running into any problem? It does not require any authentication but whenever I enter information in the base DN, I get the following error messages: ‘Filter error or invalid base DN.’ If I delete the base DN, it is possible to save the information.

I know my base DN is right because I have verified it many times.

What could be wrong here?

Please help.

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(LDAP) authentication server does not work.


The reason as to why you are getting that problem is because when you are adding or modifying the alias entry during the authentication procedure, it is possible that the value that has been specified for aliasedObjectName has an invalid DN syntax and therefore resulting to the problem that you are getting. What really causes that error is that the directory server returns the error to the client. So what you will need to do in this case is make that you are using the right alias entry name that has a valid DN for the Lightweight Directory Access protocol to work.

-Richard Gabriel


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