Launching Final Cut 7 with FCPX Installed failed

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So you are interested regarding the Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5, but you cleverly wish to stay your making talent in the old Final Cut Studio awaiting Apple can perform work on the kinks. Yes at this time and later on, you will perhaps desire to run FCPX/Motion 5 and the old Final Cut Studio in the equivalent of the similar system.

Our customer and we have not run into several somber issues running both versions, but one gotcha is. Later than you install Motion 5, you may meet an error the other time you attempt to launch FCP7:

failed to launch final cut pro

This version of Final Cut Pro is

incompatible with Motion 5 which is

installed in a directory that previously

contained Motion 4.

Please move Motion 5 to another directory and

restart Final Cut Pro.


Thanking you.

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Launching Final Cut 7 with FCPX Installed failed



You can solve this problem by doing the following: First, open Motion 4 from Final Cut Studio 2009.  Motion 4 should be placed in the applications directory folder. Then, open Final Cut Studio and let the application run fully.  Please note that you should not interrupt the run.  The last step is to exit from Motion 4 and Now Final Cut Pro 7 should open successfully.
I hope this is useful.

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