Laser Printer Error Can Not Find Anyone To Help

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I have a Lexmark laser that keeps giving me a error that says  remove paper from standard output bin. I have tried to research this error and can not find it listed anywhere.  I cleaned the machine inside and out. Replaced the toner and made sure it had paper. But nothing is making it go away? Any suggestions?

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Laser Printer Error Can Not Find Anyone To Help

Hi Tyrone,
This error indicates that the printer thinks that the output bin which is on top of the printer is full. It is mostly due to the exit flag getting stuck or is out of place.
1 Lift the exit flag and leave it to see if it goes back down all the way. If this does not happen, it means it is stuck. This is denoted in the picture below.
2 Check if the bin level flag is in place in its two little holders. If the flag has popped out, it needs to be pushed down and snapped back into place.
3 The flag should move freely and fall down easily now.
To locate the bin level flag, remove the small top cover at the rear end of the printer. This cover will be located just above the last set of feed rollers used by the paper before exiting the printer. 

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