HP Laptop stops charging after draining the battery

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I bought my HP laptop CQ61 like 8 months back. It had been working fine till now. Recently I drained out the battery in a flight. When I reached back to home and put it in on the charger it didn’t get charged.

I mean the light doesn’t get turn on and neither the laptop. I tried removing the battery cleaning up the terminals and replacing it back but it had no effect. I hope it's not the laptop but the battery but then batteries don’t run out in 6-7 months. Please give me some idea as to what is wrong with my laptop.

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HP Laptop stops charging after draining the battery


I had the same problem way back, however the difference is that it was an older laptop. Try checking the cables of the charger for wear and tear. My problem was solved then by replacing the power cord of the laptop itself.

But since your laptop is fairly new and it would be better to make sure if it is indeed a defective cord, check the software for the batteries first. You can try these easy steps first. It's like resetting your battery, reboot your computer without the battery, then with the battery.

First, remove the battery then plug the power cord of your laptop. Try to turn on your laptop. Once it has rebooted, turn it off. Unplug the power cord, insert the battery, then turn on the laptop. Then try plugging the power cord and see if it will charge.

Sometimes, the software for the power management of your laptop may have been corrupted. We will just update the installation of the software via Device Manager.

1. For Windows Vista, go to the Start Orb, then on the search field just type in Device Manager. If you are using XP, just click on the Start Menu, go to Control Panel >> System >> Click on Hardware tab then Device Manager will be the first button.

2. Once you have Device Manager opened, search for the field which says batteries. Just click on the plus sign next to Batteries to expand the menu.

3. Look for Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery, right-click it then select Uninstall.
CAUTION: Do not remove any driver especially the Microsoft AC Adapter driver or anything which has ACPI.


4. Next, go to the Device Manager Taskbar and click on the Scan for hardware changes. You can also access it through Action Menu.

5. Windows will now scan for any hardware changes and install the missing drivers. You may now reboot your PC and see if it will charge.

6. If your laptop still does not charge, consult your manufacturer to have it replaced. You can still use the laptop without a battery, however it always has to be plugged in.

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HP Laptop stops charging after draining the battery


It's look like your battery is dead and not in a condition to work now. So much heat may be the reason for this, although you can check it on the other system to make sure that the problem is in the battery and not in your laptop.

Temperature does matter in the battery life. See that you are not using your laptop on a very high temperature. It will damage the battery life. Detach all such devices that are not in use during working on laptop battery. Disconnect all such network devices that are not in use. There are two types of batteries and they work on their conditions, types are:
NiMH batteries: it works 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
LiION batteries: works from 2.0 to 3.0 hours.
Also check that how many cells it has. Charging of a battery takes time so please keep it plugged for some time. If problem still remain then you have to change your battery.

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