Laptop Sound Not Working after using it with HDTV

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I've a Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop. Today I connected it with my HDTV to watch YouTube Videos.

But when I disconnected it, the laptop speakers sound was not working.

I'm using Windows Vista. It was working absolutely fine before connecting it to the HDTV. 

In the Task bar, the speaker icon is looking like this. 

What happened to the sound card. 

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Laptop Sound Not Working after using it with HDTV



Hi Jenni,

Will it seem your problem was simple. I tried that also then same as you was happened in my speaker. What I did was I just recheck the button or press the speaker icon and uncheck. Then when I try again the sound was playing good and fine again. So I suggest do what I did. If nothing happened try to check your application and see the settings if something were changed in that. Then put it back again or you can restore your application. Or simple put it back the setting of your speaker. And if problem was still there contact your HDTV for that issue. Ask them why does happened in your laptop.


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Laptop Sound Not Working after using it with HDTV


It looks like drivers software problem. When you connected with YouTube it may be replaced some files of your audio driver’s software. The best way to solve your sound system is to replaces this driver software with its new version if available.

If there is no new version available then go to control panel and then add or remove program and then uninstall this driver software and run a cleaner as example cc cleaner, Reginout cleaner or Smart cleaner etc and restart your computer. Then reinstall this driver software again.

If you have virus then remove it first. There is another reason that may be your computer is corrupted with virus. So need to use updated antivirus and scan full computer. When you have done with it then use some data recovery software for recover your lost data.    

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Laptop Sound Not Working after using it with HDTV



Dear Jenni,

You have described your problem regarding the sound of your laptop, which have not been working since you have attached it to your HDTV. I think when you attached your laptop with the HDTV; it has disabled your laptop sound. The sound you listened on HDTV was of your HDTV system.

Now if you want to restore your laptop’s sound, you should uncheck the mute button showing on your laptop sound. If still it does not work, then go to your system settings and select the speakers of your laptop as default audio device. But if still the problem remains same, try to re-install your sound card drivers again.

I hope it will work

Thank you


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