Laptop shuts down when counter strike started

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I have a HP laptop with configuration Intel I3, 2 GB, 320 HDD.
I installed counter strike global offensive (which I purchased from Flipkart) but when I tries to start/play it ,after the startup screen of game ,my laptop shuts down.
Please help me I am very much passionate to play this game.
Thanks in advance.

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Laptop shuts down when counter strike started


It seems that the laptop is overheating itself very rapidly. I understand that every time you start or play this game, your laptop shuts down, meaning that the video card does not have enough ventilation space for the air to flow freely, and thus requiring one of the following solutions:

1. Use a cooling pad. What a cooling pad does is that it help your laptop with extra air flow so that it doesn't overheat too much, and keeping it under nominal temperature values. This is the most efficient and handy solution for this problem.

2. Clean the ventilation system. This is very easy to do, as it requires little to no effort; all you have to is find the ventilation shaft where the air is flowing through and while the laptop is not powered, you can easily blow into the shaft using a spray can of compressed air. This is eliminate any dust left in the fan and the ventilation shaft, and it will help the air flow more easily.

What you must understand is that keeping the laptop's temperature under the nominal values is a must. Whenever the temperature (from the CPU or the video card) exceeds above the limit, the laptop will shutdown to cool itself, and after a brief moment, you can power it up again.

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Laptop shuts down when counter strike started


Your laptop turned off because it overheated. This is normal for laptops because of their small, portable built. To avoid sudden shut down, you need to make your machine cooler while playing games and to do this, you can use cooling pads. Try checking out Laptop Cooling Pad 2 Fan USB Powered on eBay. This is for 14-inch to 17-inch size laptops.

It costs $15.29 with free shipping worldwide. See exclusions to check if your country is included for free shipping. Also check Mini Vacuum Air Extracting USB Cooling. It is a vacuum-like device you attach on the side of your laptop and plugs to your USB port.

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