Laptop Shuts Down before the Battery status indicators Shows empty

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What if my Laptop shuts down before the battery status indicator shows empty or my computer operates after the battery status indicator shows empty?

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Laptop Shuts Down before the Battery status indicators Shows empty


Hi there , 

You have typed your problem in an incorrect way . I can understand what you meant . 

What is your problem ?? Battery level indicates before achieving zero windows shuts down or battery level achieved to zero and then also you can use it.??

I think you need battery optimizer application. It's a good app to keep your Laptop from huge intake of battery level.

You have to do this to ensure good battery backup : – 

1. Put your display backlight to the last level . (Best method) 

2. Remove all the backside run applications and services and other unnecessary junk applications since these consumes lots of processor power and thus taking lot of battery power.

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Laptop Shuts Down before the Battery status indicators Shows empty


If you are experiencing a problem with the way your laptop operates like untimely shut down, the problem may be coming from the battery or the cooling system of your machine itself. Normally, when a laptop is still new, you can use it for hours like playing games and some other stuff without alerting you of low battery.

You will also not experience frequent overheating where the laptop shuts down automatically especially when playing games for hours. That is, if the machine is still new and yet to be used. But overtime as you use your computer, this behavior will drastically change because of the way it was built. It is so compact that cooling fans are created so small enough to fit inside.

With the advancement of technology today where processors and other parts are getting faster and faster, the size of the cooling fans can no longer accommodate the heat generated by the system. As time goes by, you will notice frequent untimely shut down because of overheating and this always happens when playing a computer game.

You will also notice a sudden increase in the depletion of the battery even though you are not using it. This is the normal thing that happens to a battery. This only means its life cycle or charge cycle is almost depleted. But even if this is the case, there are things you can do to work around the problem.

For a battery that drains extremely fast than normal, you can replace it with a new battery. Another way is to always plug the laptop to the power outlet every time you use it. You can already remove the battery if it no longer helps and just plug the laptop to the power outlet when you use it.

It will work even if it doesn’t have a battery as long as it is connected to a power source using the charger. For the overheating problem, you can bring it to a shop to let a technician check it to see which cooling fan is faulty. Another remedy for a laptop that very frequently overheats is to put an external cooling system for the computer like you can put an electric fan beside the laptop while using it.

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