Laptop to Router WRT54G – no internet connection

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When I try to configure my laptop to a certain wireless router WRT54G, I don’t notice any light on the ports although I notice other lights. Why is it so?

I have tried to reconfigure the router to the laptop after having all the cables unplugged but this had no impact at all as I still get the message stating that there is no internet connection available. I am starting to wonder if this is due to a reinstallation of Windows Vista that I did some time back then because the problems developed since then. Please help.

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Laptop to Router WRT54G – no internet connection


Hello Olivia Matthews, I have read on the issue about your WRT54G router. Let’s try to set up your wireless connectivity again. Below are the steps that you need to follow;

1.       Connect the laptop with your WRT54G router and make sure it’s at PORT 1; verify and double check that the router is         

2.       Try the set up router access from “” or you can do it from a web browser.

3.       On top of wireless look for the Black icon and click it.

4.       Click the Blue icon for wireless security.

5.       Choose the “WPA-PERSONA” security form.

6.       Choose TKIP or the WPA ALGORITHM.

7.       Key in your desired password in the WPA SHARED KEY TYPE and choose a strong password.

8.       See if the group renewal key is 3600. Click on save.

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Laptop to Router WRT54G – no internet connection


For your router to be able to provide a wireless internet connection it has to be able to communicate properly with the modem. You need to either enter the username and password for your DSL account on the router or you need to clone a working computer with a LAN connection’s MAC address to the router if you are using a cable connection. You also need to make sure that the modem is connected to the right port on the router. Make sure the router has a valid IP address from the modem by checking its status information from the configuration utility.

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