HP Pavilion Laptop Battery Issue

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I  Bought a laptop ( hp pavilion dv6114tx ) before 3 years. But after one year its better backup suddenly decreased.

I bought new battery thinking that there is problem with battery (as suggested by Hp customer care).

Better was working good till last 6 months. Now i upgraded my operating system from Microsoft windows media center to Microsoft windows 7 ultimate edition. Whenever i try to play some file in VLC media player its performance gets decreased and it starts hanging.

After a reboot it works as normal but whenever i play some music file or try to play some games its getting hang.

Is there any configuration problem in windows 7 which i have to setup for performance?

Please reply as soon as possible.


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HP Pavilion Laptop Battery Issue



Thanks for your question.  As you enclosed in your question that your laptop is 3 years old, I think this can be one the reason why you’re facing this problem. Here I’m giving out some of the possible solutions that you might find effective.

 1. The problem you’re facing with your Laptop battery may be caused due to using your frequently using battery. Well, it is better not to use laptops with only battery support. You should use it with electricity plug in. Unless you don’t get any other options you have to use it with battery. Here I would suggest you to charge your battery after every single use.

 2. The second problem you’re facing with your operation system is due to using windows 7 in it. I don’t know what is your laptop configuration is. I think it is not so high. As you said it is 3 years old. So just guessing that it might be hard for your laptop to operate window 7 properly. As windows 7 requires more RAM and Space in hard drive.

 3. The third problem you’re facing with your Media device and media player, well it can happen due to various reasons. Here are  some of the possible solutions to them.

4. The video card in your computer not installed properly or the video driver is not installed after the Windows 7 setup.Try to install the video driver software provided by the manufacturer for better performance.

  5. The video or games you’re trying to play have high regulation or graphic which makes it hard for your laptop to play or show them. Try not to play high regulation games or videos into your laptop. It will decrease performance.

  6. There is something wrong with your Windows Device Driver software. This is not operating properly and which is causing problem. The device driver software’s control the video device of windows so try to reinstalling it

 7. You have some unnecessary or heavy software installed in your laptop as a result your computer gets less space to operate. Use “C-Cleaner” software to delete the entire temporary file. It will make the laptop work faster.

  8. You have less sized partition for your “C” drive. This is causing the problem to operate slowly. Try to give a partition to your computer and this time keep big size free for the “C” Drive.

 9. The operating system you’re using is not computable with your laptop. Your laptop needs a little bit lower operating system like XP. It will work too.

 10. If all of these doesn’t help you. You can certainly show your computer to a well known technician. It might be helpful.
 So try them out.

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HP Pavilion Laptop Battery Issue


You can use different software’s to maintain your battery life. One such program is “Battery Care”. It is free and easy to install. You can easily search this on the internet and can implement it. This software checks where ever the laptop is taking low power or operating on high powers thus it also maintains the battery life. Temperature also matters in a battery life. See that you are not using your laptop on a very high temperature, it will damage the battery life.

You can also take these steps to boost battery life:

1. First of all reduce the brightness of your laptop screen. It will consume less power.
2. Secondly detach all such devices that are not in use during working on laptop battery.
3. Disconnect all such network devices that are not in use.

There are two types of batteries and they work on their conditions and the types are,

NiMH batteries:   It works 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
LiION batteries:   Works from 2.0 to 3.0 hours.

So check your battery type also.

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