Laptop problem Power indicates lights is on but no display

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My problem is  I don't have display on my laptop and it has power indicator lights on but what was happening on this. And I keep trying to figure out and I did try the External VGA port and Still no Display.

And what comes up to my mind is that maybe the GPU Chipset failed and found out also in Yh. , Yt. and G. University.

The hard drives is not spinning.

I don't hear a sound that it is spinning.

Help me guy's all the Guru's.

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Laptop problem Power indicates lights is on but no display


Good Day, Lark7t7

I see that your having trouble with your laptop and wont display anything in the monitor. I have several issues here and solutions for you:


1. Tried to power on but No display, But led on power is on:

  • Have you tried to see if your other lights like the hard drive led indicator is blinking
  • Did you hear any Sound or any Beeping Sound when you open the Laptop (If yes, it means that you just need to open your Laptop and Clean the Memory or RAM of it. Or if you have 2 Memory on your Laptop try Removing one of them then Turn on the Laptop.

2. In Case that the Issue is there is no Led light flashing on your Hard drive indicator, that you see always when your Laptop is still functioning properly, it can only mean one thing your Hard disk is already Damage and the magnetic disk inside the Hard disk or Hard drive its not spinning anymore. Better to Contact a Certified Technician to take a Look at your Laptop.

If you have any question feel free to ask and will answer the best way i can

Payton James

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Laptop problem Power indicates lights is on but no display


If your laptop is alive but there is no display, the sign is when the power button is pressed, the indicator lights flash, the fan is running but there is absolutely no display on the laptop screen. Logically we ignore the power and battery because it is still showing signs of life. Then we have to suspect other parts might possibly be damaged, such as:

1. The main memory is damaged.

2. The VGA is broken.

3. The Monitor damaged.

4. The hard disk is damaged.

Here are some solutions:

1. If you sure the power supply or laptop battery works fine, but there is no display on the monitor, then notice if there is a certain sound when the computer is turned on, such as a long beep with a certain distance. If not, then there is a possibility of damage on the mainboard circuit, microprocessor, or ROM BIOS.

2. If there is a repetitive long sound at a certain distance, then there are two parts that might possibly be damaged, the VGA card or RAM memory.

3. If the beep sound was not long, but repeated, it is your VGA and Display Adapter.

4. If the beep sound is long and continuous, then the damage is on the SIMM RAM. You should change it to a new one.

5. If the above steps do not resolve the problem, then you have a broken CPU.

7. The above case can also be caused by a damaged Hard Disk regulator. Your LED indicator is on but your monitor is still off.

9. To test the other, remove the hard drive and CD ROM and test the laptop again.

10. It might possibly be a problem with the monitor, so you have to change it to a new one.

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