Laptop power cord causing hang up.

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Hi All,

I encountered a problem with my laptop before wherein everytime I plug the power cord the

whole thing freezes. The screen, the keyboard and the mouse stop functioning. But using the

battery as the power supply the laptop is functioning well. Is the problem on the power cord?

Please help me find the root cause of the problem.

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Laptop power cord causing hang up.


Dear Kirst,

  1. Hang up of a computer is mainly a cause of your hardware. Your battery maybe broke.
  2. This is due to unintentional supply counteract and make your computer hang.
  3. The cause of this unreasonable malfunction of your hardware is charging the laptop while playing.
  4. This indeed is like a cellphone. The difference it, laptops are big, awhile sellphone are small.
  5. Charging while using it, can damage the unit.
  6. Just replace the battery if it still available.





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Laptop power cord causing hang up.


this is problem of your hardware or it can be a problem of your software

how you charge your batteries ?  when you plug the main power code computer freeze, then after what you do ? turn of your laptop ? again unplug your power adapter ? then what happened ? again can you work ?

just use your battery until it finish and switch off your computer. then use the power adapter to charge battery. after a while check whether your laptop battery is charging or not. to do that you remove your adapter cable and switch on the cable, if it is working well its charging. check the percentage of your battery relevant to the time that you have charged. oaky ?

if it is charging we can go to second step. what is your operating system ? win 7 ? vista ? or XP ? please check your power options and power plan in the control panel. because it can also be a problem. in the power option  you have the option to balance power according to the situation and according to your wish please check each power plan and verify  that there is no issue. for an example each power plan you can change the option to turn off hard disk, turn of usb ports, turn off advance graphic feature,blah blah may be you have accidently apply one of this power option setting relevant to when you "plugged in" option  ( plugged in mean that when the power adapter connect to the laptop and when you are charging ) so it can also be the issue

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