Laptop feels hot to the touch

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I understand that a laptop takes a lot of power and can feel warm, but my laptop actually feels hot to the touch. I don't think there is an issue with the vent, but there is definitely something happening and I'm getting concerned. I rarely actually use it on my "lap" but while it is sitting on my desk, I can feel the desk getting hot. What should I try first to see what the issue is? Thank you.

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Laptop feels hot to the touch


Hello Thomas!

There are several factors affecting the overheating of your laptop. Please follow my expert advice and alternatives to fix this problem in your laptop.

Cleaning your laptop.

1. Safety first, remove the battery and do not connect the power cord while doing this.

2. Remove/unscrew all locks at the bottom of the laptop. Use a screw driver to do this.

3. Once locks are removed, slightly shake the covering at the bottom of the laptop and remove it.

4. Look for the laptop’s system fan first. Check if it’s full of dirt. Clean it using a cleaning agent. Make it sure that everything’s are connected and in proper place before putting back all the screws.

Use a cooling pad.

1. There are several cooling pads that you can use to maintain minimum temperature of your laptop.

2. This will eliminate extra heat from your laptop.

3. Check also if your system if it’s working. If it’s not consider replacing it.

Removing the battery if your power cord is connected.

1. Before plugging the power cord, remove the battery first to avoid electric shock and you don’t have to touch the exposed connectors of the battery.

2. Removing the battery is not a bad idea. It saves your battery’s life. Battery also produces extra heat while charging your laptop.

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Laptop feels hot to the touch


It is normal for laptops to get hot that’s why you need to place it in a flat surface whenever you are using it. It is not recommended to place it on your lap because the bottom will get hotter. If a laptop experiences untimely shutdowns, you can use a cooling pad to help make the laptop cooler. This is the best remedy for laptops with heating problems.

Laptop cooling pad stand
Laptop cooling pad stand

Try checking out USB Cooling Big Fan Blue LED Light Cooler Pad Stand on eBay. This cooling pad fits 15-inch laptops and costs $7.12. Another one is USB Foldable Folding Cool Cooler Cooling Fan Pad w/ 2 Fan. It is foldable and fits any laptop sizes. It costs $4.99.

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