Laptop cannot finish booting due to failed dll loading

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When I try to boot my laptop, I get two "Bad Image" error messages, a few at random.  But during all boot instances, I find this: 


And also this:

Failed to load CommonRes.dll at boot.

Recently I removed a malware invasion but I'm still facing problems with the Operating System.  The installation times out when I run an update to SP2. 

Need an idea.

Thanks in advance.

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Laptop cannot finish booting due to failed dll loading


I think because of the recent virus infection in your computer, the malware made some changes in your system. That’s why every time you boot your computer you see some error messages on the screen.

Even if it doesn’t appear all the time, it comes in interval. It is also possible that there are file components of Windows that got deleted because of the infection. This is the bad side of having an infection in your computer. You don’t know what’s got deleted and you don’t know what’s been edited.

It’s possible that you got this infection because of a recent download you did and you did not scan the file before launching it. I think at this stage, doing a check on your system to look for any possible errors using a disk utility application will do no good.

The best solution for this is to format your hard drive and then install Windows again.

Much better if you delete the partition and then create another. After installing Windows, you can download a much reliable antivirus like Norton Antivirus 2012 or Norton Internet Security 2012 which already has a 30-day subscription period. It can be downloaded at

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Laptop cannot finish booting due to failed dll loading


Hi there.

I have encountered the same problem and did the following to solve it: First you'll have to put your computer to Recovery Console mode, you'll achieve this by booting your system from the Windows XP CD-ROM and choose to repair your system. Now please carefuly follow the next steps:

In order to fix all the errors on your disks type CHKDSK and press Enter. Next, you'll need to rebuild your boot configuration, so type: BOOTCFG/rebuild and press Enter.

You'll also need to fix both current boot sector by typing FIXBOOT, and your current master boot record by typing FIXMBR. When you are finished typing EXIT, this command will leave the recovery console and reboot your system.

This part from here on turns into some kind of question which doesn't have any connection with the solution.

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Laptop cannot finish booting due to failed dll loading


Thank you guys for your kind solution.

These comments really helped me.

I can not but praise you that Now I have got rid of this problem.

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