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What is Landing page & how it should be create for SEO friendly?


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Landing page | Ms Programming


What is Landing Page?

When you click on a link, perhaps from the result of a search engine, a social network site or an advertisement campaign that you desire, you are immediately taken to a webpage that is dedicated for your targeted information. This destination web page is called a Landing Page.

The main goal of a landing page is to convert visitors to regular customers by optimizing the user experience, especially the first timer.

How to create a SEO friendly landing page

In order to create a landing page that is SEO friendly, you should keep it in mind that landing pages are special web pages dedicated to provide information on a specific topic or issue.

The following points are vital to creating an SEO friendly landing page:

  • Keyword Research:Search engines rank websites by the relevance of specific keywords used in them. Before you create your landing page, you should first carry out a thorough keyword research in order to have a structure to base around.
  • Content Usage:The content of a web page includes text, images, flash works, animation, etc. If too much of flash content and/or JavaScript is used, the standard text would be ignored. This text is a strong sign of keyword relevancy to the search engines and is vital to get pages to appear properly optimized for a search term you want to rank for.
  • Image Optimization:It is a good idea to always use the title attribute tag when specifying any image.
  • Link Development:Another way to create a landing page is to do link development campaign. This is to make your link anchor text work in tandem with page headings/subheadings.
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Landing page | Ms Programming


Hi Jamiescott,

When an online user clicks on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement, it takes him/her to a page. That initial page is called landing page or lead capture page or lander.

You need to follow various steps to make your landing page user friendly.

1. Your headline conveys the main message of the landing page

2. You should have a clear objective.

3. The contents should be relevant and up to date.

4. Have a clear call to action plan.

5. You can post social proof about your success.

6. Maintain a smooth eye flow.

7. Keep the design simple and shows commitment.

Thank you!

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