LANDesk Software Monitoring blocked the program

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I am unable to work with TeamViewer at my job because this LANDesk Software Monitoring blocked the program. I really need the TeamViewer to work because I have to solve some problems so can anyone help me to pass this monitoring software? What should I do? Is there any other remote control software that can help me?

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Administrative policy does not allow usage of the following application. Access to it has been blocked:


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LANDesk Software Monitoring blocked the program


Here is how you can configure the settings of your LANDesk Firewall. To begin, right-click LANDesk Firewall in the Agent Settings tool window and then select New or open an existing setting. In “General settings”, you will see the option “Enable LANDesk Firewall” is checked which means it is enabled in your system.

If you want to use and access TeamViewer for that instance only, in “Protection mode” section, you can change the option from “Automatic mode” to “Learn mode” or you can keep it in the “Automatic mode” but checking the option “Use Learn mode for” and specify the number of days when it will stay active. The option “Use Learn mode for” under “Automatic mode” will automatically deactivate after the specified number of days has passed.

But if you will shift the option from “Automatic mode” to “Learn mode”, it will remain in learn mode until you change it back to automatic. If you’ll be using TeamViewer for a short time, you can use the option “Use Learn mode for” under “Automatic mode” and then click Save. After this, LANDesk Firewall will now allow TeamViewer to be accessed in your computer.

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LANDesk Software Monitoring blocked the program


Hello Francisca,

This is might have caused by somehow accidentally adding TeamViewer to the block list. The easiest way to solve this is to add TeamViewer to the "DO NOT Block" list and run a through security check. Hope this should take care of the situation. For some reason if this doesn't work then you need to manually fix it from the registry editor. Follow the below step by step instructions.

A) Hit "Start" button then open "Run".

B) Type "regedit" and hit "ok" button.


C) The registry editor will open up. There find this entry 


Or, if you are using a 32 bit system then find the below


Here you will find all the exe files that are being blocked by it. Let's check if the TeamViewer is still listed there. You can delete the key from there as a temporary solution and let the program run again. I hope this will solve the issue.

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