Konica Minolta 2300dl laser printer complications

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I have a Konica Minolta 2300dl laser printer which is giving me a lot of problems. It is a colored printer, but it no longer prints in color. I have replaced the old cartridges with new ones, but still it doesn’t print in color. It prints pictures either in black or in light blue. In every paper i print, there is always some odd stains and misprints.

When a paragraph is to be printed, it will print characters twice on the same piece of paper. One line of text appears normally and there is another one, faded, that superimposes on the normal printed lines.

I keep on getting paper rejection error, the papers sometimes does not completely eject from the printer. It leaves about one inch or more inside of the printer, giving the message that there is a paper jam in the printer top.

I recently disassembled the printer and did some thorough cleaning on the components , the rollers and the sensors. I have also tried different types of papers and found out that the ejection problem was solved, but the printing starts 2 inches down the paper top. I still keep on getting mismatch paper errors.

I need help. I am running on Windows 7 Ultimate.


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Konica Minolta 2300dl laser printer complications


Dear Mark Reynolds

So you are facing too many problems at the same time. Konica Minolta 2300dl laser printer working perfect in 32-bit i.e. XP and Vista but this printer is not compatible with Windows-7. Miss printing and coloring problem are due to your printer cartridge and also printer driver. Install fresh and updated driver but first uninstall your previous one.

Strains are due to heater roller problem and misprints & mismatch paper error and twice character printing are shows printer driver problem.

Your all problem will be resolved; if you use proper and updated printer driver and you should use windows vista instead of windows 7.

Take Care


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Konica Minolta 2300dl laser printer complications


I think your printer is misaligned that’s why you always get odd stains and misprints every time you are doing some printing job. There are printers that need to be aligned every time their ink cartridges are replaced.

I don’t know if all printers have aligning procedures of their own. HP printers have a procedure included in its manual for aligning the printer to have the best print and avoid misprints, odd stains, or overprinted characters.

Try checking your printer’s manual if it includes a procedure on aligning the printer and then just follow the steps. If your manual doesn’t have it or if it doesn’t have the option of aligning it then might as well bring your printer to a certified technician for further checking.

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