Kollaborate Error on Post Haste

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I've got an error on Kollaborate Server. I used Post Haste for creating projects and this error keeps re-appearing:

Kollaborate Error

Project ID '0001' already exists. Please enter an ID higher than 0002.


I don't understand the error so can someone please help me fix it? I don't have any duplicate projects created as to what I read on one site which may be the cause for this error.

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Kollaborate Error on Post Haste



Kollaborator is a nice program. The error indicates the improvement of Kollaborator. Now it has the ability to identify the Project ID for duplicates!

You are trying to use same Project ID simultaneously so this error message is popping up. Instead of using the same one, you should use any project ID that is higher than “0002”, for example, “0003”.

Then, your Project ID will become unique and this error won’t be coming out again.

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