To Know If There Is A Way To Record Skype Video Calls.

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Hello, I have been using Skype for a long time. I wanted to keep some records saved for future in case I need them. It would be great to know if there is a way to record Skype video calls.

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To Know If There Is A Way To Record Skype Video Calls.


Skype does not include a built-in feature for recording calls or videos.

You will have to install a separate software to save your audio or video conversations. There are many third parties software that would help you save the video calls. You can also download some few applications, in case you want to download the video on your device. Some of those software’s are

1. Supertintin Skype Video Recorder

2. Free Video Call Recorder (Free)

There is also few other software for Windows where to can save your calls. For Mac users, they can download a software called ECamm Call Recorder. Or they can just use the inbuilt solution that is provided in Mac of screen recording function.

Just launch QuickTime -> File  New Screen Recording. This works quite good for video.

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