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What is the advancement in XP embedded can someone explain me

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To know about recent trends


Window XP embedded (XPe) is a componentized version of Windows XP. It was released on 28th Nov, 2001. XPe can run on system have 32 MB of Ram. There are several advantages of windows XP Embedded.

It allows operations on flash memory, not on paging file. Activation is not required. Distribution is lot more easier on several electronic devices like automatic teller machines, NAS, Cash Registers,

Thin Client, Navigation Devices, etc. Decreased file size (the file which previously used about 2 Giga bytes is reduced to 500 mega bytes). A USB boot option is allowed. Provides the full windows API.

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To know about recent trends


Windows XP Embedded or often seen as Windows XPe is the componentized version of Windows XP Professional. With Windows XPe the user can freely choose from the 12,000 different components available based on his needs.

Because of this, a basic Windows XPe image can be as small as 8 MB in size and still has a bootable kernel and can still get bigger so it can add many other features that a full version of Windows XP can offer.

With this ability of using only the components you need, you will not only be able to optimize your operating system but you can lower the hardware cost and also reduce the development time.

Windows XPe is really designed for use by developers because of its added reliability compared to Windows XP because its small size reduces the attack area.

If you want to learn more about Windows XP Embedded or XPe, you may visit What Is Windows XP Embedded?

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