Keyword tool what are the best?

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I am an Article writer. What are the best keyword tool available

Can i know a few free and a few payed?

Best keyword tool available?

Thanks in advance


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Keyword tool what are the best?


Well there are many keyword tools available now a days, like; wordtrackerwordzewordstream, keyword discovery, keyword spy, Google keyword tool, spyfu, ben, digital point keyword suggestion tool, and much more.


First i am going to tell you about best keyword tools so, from all these tools wordtracker, wordze, wordstream and keyword discovery are the best tools. Now a days wordze is most popular and efficient tool, however, keyword discovery is also fine but wordtracker is giving strange results sometime and there are also some limitations in it.


From all these spyfu, Ben, keyword discovery, keyword spy and Google keyword tool are the payed tools available and wordtracker, wordze, wordstream and digital point keyword suggestion tool are free tools available.


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Keyword tool what are the best?

Selection of Best Keyword tool:
Selection best keyword tool is the key to success. The best keyword tool must have the following features available
    Keyword referral
    Site referral
    Compare sites
Keyword referral describes the most recommended domains for your site. Site referral gives you the phrases you are required to work on. In comparing sites you have options to compare the results of any given sites for the particular keyword. We have following tools available for this purpose
Digital point's Keyword suggestion Tool:
It is a mixture of  the overture's and Wordtracker' free tools since Wordtracker is a free tool, it gives limited results.
Compete provides three major functions Look for Keyword recommendation, Website recommendation and Evaluate websites.  Hence more powerful than the Digital Points's keyword suggestion tool. But its not free the minimum price is $199 per month for introductory package and almost $500 for advanced one.
Google Keyword Tool:
The Google keyword tool is no doubt a very powerful, freely available tool which gives in depth analysis of the keyword, like region wise searches on Google, competition ranking, and related keywords. This allows you to look for secondary keywords to be used if you are a professional writer.

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