Keyboard is not working well

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If have keyboard manufactured by Dell company. The problem with the keyboard is that it is writing the wrong words in the window. Like when I press Button G then it will convert into other buttons like K then I s the major matter with my keyboard.

Please tell me the answer that whether I resolve this matter or I have to purchase a new keyboard?

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Keyboard is not working well


There are viruses that can mess up your keyboard too.

You didn't state which system you are using if it is a Windows 2000 then the one simple way to resolve this is to press F8 during  booting sequence.

In your boot menu normal-safe mode select command prompt.

When you get to the black screen test and see whether the keys are now okay.

Another way to do it is to press the start key +R try to toggle, number lock, scroll lock and caps lock a few times this might help you.

I hope this suggestions will be of help to you

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Keyboard is not working well


If you are facing this problem !

Its really a big and irritating problem but it is unsolved problem because this problem occurs because of short circuit in your Keyboard so you must replace your keyboard to avoid this problem !

This short circuit in keyboard occurs when water or some liquid falls on your keyboard so avoid your  keyboard from liquid !

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Keyboard is not working well


Try disconnecting the keyboard then connecting it back and see if that helps out with the problem.

Try and see if you can boot into safe mode and see if the problem still happens there. If it doesn't then it is a software problem and one of your applications or the operating system itself is causing the problem. Try disabling your startup items and non- Microsoft services and see if that helps. If not, then you may need to reinstall the operating system.

If all these don't fix the problem, it is very much likely that the keyboard has gone bad and you need to purchase a new keyboard. If the keyboard is still under warranty, call Dell Tech Support so that they can replace it.

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Keyboard is not working well


That’s definitely a problem. It could be a problem with the keyboard physically or in the system. First, check that your keyboard is configured properly in Microsoft Windows. Click “Start,” “Control Panel,” “Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options,” and then “Regional and Language Options.” On the next screen, select “Languages” tab and click “Details.”

Keyboard language setting

On the next screen, in “Settings” tab, select the correct language for your keyboard. If you want to use your local language and if it is available, click “Add” and select your local language otherwise set it to “English (United States)” then click “OK” all throughout.

Set keyboard language

After this, test your keyboard and see if the keys are back to normal. If not, try the keyboard on a different computer and see if it’s the same. If it’s normal there, update your antivirus and perform a full system scan. A virus could be doing this on your computer. You can download Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

Once it is installed, scan your computer. The tool scans the entire computer including devices connected via USB. When a virus is detected, remove it then repeat the scan until it no longer detects a virus. This is the best tool to use when your computer is already infected.

Gaming keyboard

On the other hand, if the keyboard is also faulty on the other computer, you probably need to replace it with a new one.

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