Key Aspects of Cloud SLA and its difference to Data Center

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I need some information regarding the differences between cloud SLA (Service Level Agreement) and Data Center or the SAAS (Software As A Service)  SLA.

What are the key aspects of cloud SLA? Please cite an example of SLA for better understanding.

Thank you.

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Key Aspects of Cloud SLA and its difference to Data Center


Hello Justin,

Cloud computing allows us to carry out several tasks and operations via the Internet with less infrastructure. Resources are easily shared.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

In a cloud application service, it allows an end user to access a software program and use the program, without having to download and install the software on the end users computer.

The figure below shows the protocol structural layers of cloud computing:



The client does not concern themselves with the Application, Platform being used nor the server. The only thing the client is interested in is the services. For example, to write Word documents you want to use Microsoft Office 2007. Using cloud computing you do not need to have Ms Office 2007 installed on your computer to use the application. This saves you space and infrastructure of having to buy external drivers for storage of softwares.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This is a contract of service and is used to observe terms of the contract. Service Level Agreement is an agreement between customer and the service provider. SLA defines warranty, termination of contract, services offered to a client.

An example would be, your telephone company who will include SLA clearly stating the services you are entitled to in different situations of appliance failure and other related situations.    


Kind regards

Richard Smith

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