Key advantage FerroelectricRAM and how it’s differ from RAM

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What is Ferroelectric RAM and how it differs from RAM? Who is developing current FeRAM technology? Let me know FeRAM cell and its working mechanism. What is the main scope of its work? Is FeRAM similar to DRAM? What are advantages to use Ferroelectric RAM? Is FeRAM faster than DRAM? Is FeRAM required less charge than DRAM? In which sector has FeRAM product used? What is CMOS? How does it work? Has FeRAM any limitation? Thank You

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Key advantage FerroelectricRAM and how it’s differ from RAM



Ferroelectric RAM or FRAM in short, is a kind of RAM that’s different than the general DRAM with different technology. It comes with less data storing density but an effective data storing method and better speed with data read and write.

In general DRAM, each cell that stores data must be refreshed after a certain period and many times in a second, causing continuous power consumption. But in the case of FRAM, it isn’t required as data is stored tightly and whenever required to read or write, it provides the performance faster.

Also, it consumes less energy as it doesn’t require to refresh its cells like DRAM. So, cost-effectiveness is also on another level.

But the most disappointing part is, it can’t store much data as DRAM does. That’s why this isn’t an alternative to DRAM or such. Its cost is much more than DRAM, and overall, isn’t available for massive usage.

But it can be used where things require less energy. Due to the lower memory capacity, it can be used in places like PDAs, power meters etc.

This wiki briefly describes the construction of FRAM.

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