Just Wondering Why My Junk Disappeared In Fallout 76

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Just want to know more about junk like what will happen to my junk if I die in the game or I log out of the game. I accidentally log out of the game before I can even pick up my item. I immediately log in back to the game in hope of picking up the item but it was nowhere to be found.

I need to keep my stuff safe so I can use them in repairing my armor and weapon and sometimes for crafting. But where’s the best place to keep my junk?

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Just Wondering Why My Junk Disappeared In Fallout 76


“Junk” is collected in Fallout 76. It is used basically for crafting objects for Workshops and Settlements as well as for repairing and creating a modification of your weapon or armor. Now, if your character dies in the game, all the junk that your character is keeping will be dropped in a bag. This bag is lootable by mobs and players in the area.

These items will be deleted if you don’t pick it up quickly or you log out of the server. Several items like weapons, ammo, AID, armor, holotapes, and others will not be dropped when you die. To keep your stuff in a safe place, the only safe place to keep your stuff is in your “Stash”. You can find Stash containers throughout Appalachia.

Any other container or location that is not your Stash like corpses, power armor, or your base will result in those items being lost. When trading with other players, use the built-in Trading system of the game instead of just dropping items to the world to trade to avoid losing your stuff.

If the game crashed or you log out of the game, any junk left in the world that were not in your character’s inventory or Stash will be lost.

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