Join Configuration Error In Oracle

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I need some help here to fix this error. Let me brief you about it. I was opening a discoverer report by logging through a user when I got this error as Attempt failed to open workbook.

Sometimes the error is a bit different like OracleBI Discoverer was unable to find worksheet that was requested.

BIB-10310 an unknown exception error occurred.

The methods I tried to resolve it was that I turned off “Fan trap Detection” but yet it doesn’t works. I know I have one to many relationships in the sheets but I don’t think it might be due to this.

Please it's an urgent need of mine to get this issue resolved.

Can you help me out?

OracleBl Discoverer

Join configuration cannot be resolved.
Reason: more than 1 of the detail folders
users non-aggregated items. Attempt to
open workbook failed.

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Join Configuration Error In Oracle


From my experience, disabling the fan trap should work on this kind of problem. But you can still opt to other options. Kindly refer to these options:

1. Set your joins to 1:1 and check if your settings enables 1:1 integrity.
2. Create a custom folder or a database view. Point the Discoverer directly at this object.
3. Check the Default Positions of all items you used in your join. If you used a "data points" item, remove it.
4. Use "SUM" instead of Detail/Top/Side. I recommend "SUM" because you need to make sure that no incorrect values are selected by using the "Detail" function by mistake.


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Join Configuration Error In Oracle



1. Log in to Discoverer Plus.

2. From the menu bar>go to Tools>Options.

3. On the Advanced tab, check the box to allow disable fan trap protection

4. Save the options.

5. Try opening the workbook again.

If this does not resolve it you may also need to allow the user to use multiple joins. That option is also available on the same tab, but try the pan trap first.

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