Java VS .NET? Which platform is better?

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Hey guys,

I want o ask I want to develop a webpage very interactive so which one I should go with. Though I know both are alternatives to each other but still I'm confused what to do. I'm very much on side of .NET framework but please want to take any suggestion as they may help me. So please tell me which one I should go with.

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Java VS .NET? Which platform is better?



Both programming languages support a wide and powerful performance with superb quality. There are definitely differences between each programming language and their platform and advantages are different as well.

First, make sure that which one is suitable for you. Check both languages’ coding system and their interface. Choose the one which your eye-sight can tolerate easily.

Next, make sure that which platform you’re choosing to use as your server. If you use Java, you can create web designs for both Windows, Linux server systems. If you choose .NET, then it’s only available for Windows platform and Windows Server hosting is costly where Linux server only costs the hosting case.

.NET Framework offers quite a good security and super looking website. Java is known to be a security flaw language. Though it’s being updated every day, it’s open-source and so chances are, less security could be enjoyed. .NET is completely closed-source, and Microsoft promises to give a good support to it.

Developing any program or website with .NET requires Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE which is $499 where you can find many Java IDEs which are free of cost.

You can check the Microsoft Home Page and Oracle. Microsoft is developed using .NET and Oracle is with Java.

The final decision depends on you. If you like Java, you’ll have the best cost saving method. .NET is a little bit costly. I recommend Java.

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