Java issues while opening programs

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Dear friends,

I have a small issue with java while opening some programs.  When I open some programs, a java pops up with a timer that keeps on running but does not load. 

Please help. 


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Java issues while opening programs


Hello Kerr,

A few things with the issue that you are having. What is the OS you are using, what type of browser and what programs do you experience this issue with? I would say if you are mainly surfing the web and this comes up you can look at a few things.

1. Make sure the version of java is running the latest version.

2. Check to make sure you are not having any memory issues.

3. Sometimes virus programs or firewall programs might be blocking programs. Check your virus program and disable if needed to see if this resolves the issue.

These are the things I would look at for starters but if you could provide more information about the problem. That would be helpful in making sure the correct solution is given.


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Java issues while opening programs


I also install and use Java or the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) occasionally when a program requires it but I haven’t encounter a time when a Java timer pops up and does nothing after that. Might as well check your computer for possible infection. Update your antivirus and run a full system scan. If your antivirus didn’t find anything, try downloading Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

The tool is not an antivirus and you can run it even if you have an existing antivirus on your computer. It works alongside any antivirus program you may have so there should be no problem running the program. The installer requires internet connection while installing so don’t disconnect from the internet during installation. Once installed, scan your computer once it has finished updating its virus database.

The tool is designed to detect malware. If the tool detected a malware, remove it then repeat the scan until it no longer detects a virus. In case the tool didn’t find any malware, try checking your computer for any Java-related program and uninstall it if you don’t need it.

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