Java applet causing problem in Firefox

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Hello friends!

I am using Firefox as an explorer of web. The version is 4.0. Now the problem is that, when I begin Firefox again after executing an applet of Java in periods of previous meetings (sessions), there appears a narrow dialog of Firefox including the following message:

'Firefox is already in execution, but he(she) does not answer. To open a new window, the first debit to close the existing Firefox process, or to begin the system again.'

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks. !

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Java applet causing problem in Firefox


Hi Anonymous!

Millions of users prefer Mozilla Firefox as their browser of choice. Fast, easily customizable and fully featured. It is really a great application. But sometimes, things out of the ordinary happen, like the one you’ve just encountered. Now let’s see why it happens.
The first reason behind the error is when Firefox is not properly closed, and when the Firefox profile lock is not properly released.
Firefox creates a lock on the profile during usage. Sometimes due to improper shutdown, the application lock is not released which causes your error message to appear. You will need to delete a file from the profile folder and it varies on other operating systems. On Windows systems it is called "parent.lock". On Linux it's "lock" and ".parentlock". On Mac OSX it's ".parentlock".
Locate the profile folder by pressing “Windows Key+R”, typing in %APPDATA%, and clicking OK. For Linux, it’s on “~/.mozilla/”. On Unix based Mac OSX, it's on “~/Library/Mozilla/” and “~/Library/Application Support/”. 
Delete the file discussed above and restart Firefox. If you receive the error "Cannot delete parent, the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable", when trying to delete the "parent.lock" file on windows, restart the computer and run the error-checking tool “chkdsk”.
The error may also materialize due to “delayed shutdown” in Firefox 4 due to heavy memory usage or a large amount of history being saved via the profile which makes it slow to close and cause delayed shut down. Closing the Firefox window and trying to reopen it too soon without waiting for a few seconds produce this error.
When Mozilla Firefox is not able to find the profile folder, it will report the error message. This can only happen when you delete, rename or move the profile folder. It also does the same if you run Firefox from a flash drive or when the profile folder is located on the network.
Search for the file named”profiles.ini” on “C:UsersYour UsernameAppDataRoamingMozillaFirefox”, and open it using notepad. The contents should look like the one below:
Make sure that the value of IsRelative is “1” and load the default Firefox profile by saving it and trying to restart Firefox. If the problem persists then create a new profile using Firefox profile manager by pressing “Windows Key + R” to open run and type “firefox.exe –p” without the quotes to open profile manager and create a new profile. Move the data afterwards from the locked profile to the new profile you just created.
A simple solution to the problem is to end the Firefox process “firefox.exe” which can be viewed on windows task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) under “Processes”. Locate the process, right-click and select “end process”.
You can also create a desktop shortcut to “force-kill” Firefox by right-clicking on a blank area of the desktop and selecting “new>desktop shortcut”, copying and pasting the following path in the target box “C:WindowsSystem32taskkill.exe –f –im firefox.exe” without the quotes, and giving a name to the shortcut to finish it.
Take note that “–f” is for force-kill and “–im” is to kill all running instances of Firefox.
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Java applet causing problem in Firefox


The solution might be a lot less complex btw. Have you checked your Java and your Firefox's versions.

I assume they might be out-of-date, and in order to kill the process just use the task manager and end it from there.

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