“jar file is over max size” of Samsung

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I have a Samsung GT-E2152. I wanted to put an NIV Go Bible application that is just 1400 KB worth of memory but my phone is showing a message that the file is exceeding the maximum jar file size supported.

I have deleted other applications but it tells the same thing. What should I do?

I hope someone can help me with this.

Thanks a lot!

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“jar file is over max size” of Samsung


This seems to be a problem because your phone memory is full. It may be due to applications messages, contacts or other files. When the phone memory is full phone throws an error while saving a file that the .jar file is max or insufficient memory error.

Deleting some of the files from phone memory may solve the issue, or you can also move some files from phone memory to memory card.

Ultimately phone memory needs to be empty to execute some instructions or complete the copy of file.

You must have deleted files from memory card. Try clearing your phone memory. I guess this will solve your problem.


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“jar file is over max size” of Samsung


OK first type this code:  *#52828378# in the keypad. This will let you get the "Java Test Menu".

Then open the "OTA Test Menu" and then change the maximum jar file size 500KB to any value as required.

Finally save the setup. Install your jar file.

Hope that this time it will work.

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“jar file is over max size” of Samsung


I think you may have misunderstood the actual meaning of the error message that appeared when you tried installing that application. And I think both of the posts above also misunderstood the error and interpreted it literally. The error actually has nothing to do with the file size of the program. You can in fact copy any files particularly “.jar” files into your phone as long as the drive space or memory space still permits it. The error you receive actually refers to the supported file size of the applications you can install.

The “.jar” file is the extension name used by Java applications which are only supported by Java phones. There are also Android Smartphones that support Java applications but very rare and most of them don’t so you still need to install third-party applications to allow installation of Java programs. Since you are receiving an error when you install your program to your phone, it means that your handset doesn’t support 1400 KB Java applications. This is probably too big for the handset to fit in the memory. You will still be able to install Java programs but it should be less than 1400 KB.

This is the usual problem I encounter with my old Nokia handset which only supports 65 KB Java programs. You will only end up deleting all the applications in the handset but still you won’t be able to install it. To fix your problem, find the version of the program that supports your phone. You may also do an experiment on your phone to know its equivalent Nokia handset version.

Visit a site where you can download Java games for Nokia then try downloading and installing each of the programs starting from the smallest. When you reach the one that says it is too big already, go back to the previous one and that’s your program’s default file size for your handset. You may now find the version of your program that supports that Nokia handset model and then install it on your phone.

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