Japanese Font Problem on MacBook

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I am trying to learn Japanese so downloaded the following font : Pangolin, it is successfully installed and working on my PC I have an Air, OSX Lion 10.7.3 MacBook and when I try and download and install it on my Macbook.

I get the following message:

error "name" table error.

I read somewhere that I should ignore this and just install regardless. I followed this advice, the Macbook recognises that the font has been installed, but it is unavailable in any of the programs that I use. It is displayed as available in 'users' and 'all fonts' but it is not available in computer.  The last thing I did was to install it within my font collections, once again it shows up however, I am not able to pick it and use it.  I have tried many different programs, and the font can't be selected in any of them.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Japanese Font Problem on MacBook


TTF fonts and Firefox do not get along in my experience with Windows (Mac may be different, but it doesn't sound like it). 

Typically, Firefox uses the system fonts in the chrome. If you have removed the font, the system will use a different on in its place. 

The webpages can be dictated by you. I suspect you may have uninstalled the font that you were using for regular webpages. Take a look at Edit -> Preferences -> Content. Change the font choice to a font that you KNOW is still on your system. 

I believe windows will use the first font in its list if the font you want to use is not available. This font for you may be some weird font (foreign characters or the like)

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