I’ve been getting iexplorer.exe application error

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I have been getting iexplorer.exe application error for a couple of days now.

It looks like something is wrong on my browser.

Is this security related error or something?

My antivirus is up to date, and I scanned my pc weekly.

I found nothing on the results.

OS: windows XP

Browser: IE 7

It connects to the internet, but most of the time I got that error.

So for now I am using Google Chrome to prevent that error from popping up on my screen.

Please give me any solutions to this problem.


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I’ve been getting iexplorer.exe application error


Hi, Trick here.

There are multiple reasons why you are getting that error with your Internet Explorer 7.

Here's a quick fix you can try and see if it works for your problem, your screenshot is broken so I can see what exactly is happening but you can try these simple methods:

  • First open your Internet Explorer 7 then go to Tools then Internet Options then go to Advanced Tab and uncheck Enable page transition under the Browsing section. Press OK and restart Internet Explorer 7.
  • Another thing you can try disabling all your add-ons in Internet Explorer 7, and one by one try to determine maybe one of your add-ons is causing the problem.

There are many ways,and luck is needed to fix this problem.

Hope these works for you.

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I’ve been getting iexplorer.exe application error


Hi Christopher,

  • You can also uninstall your IE 7 and install a new and updated version of IE.
  • Here is the link where you can download the version that’s support your operating system.
  • Internet Explorer for Windows XP x64
  • For the maintenance download a Ccleaner to delete all your browse memory, internet files, cookies etc.
  • Here is also the link.
  • CCleaner Optimization and Cleaning

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