ITunes was Unable to Load Data

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Hey there TechyV!

I want to sync my LG UP3 with my Itunes on my desktop. UP3 doesn't need any cable or software, it's like a regular USB that you plug in. However, this error interfered with the sync and won't go on. I unplugged the UP3, and connected it again, to no better results. Is there any was or workaround with this error? All help regarding this are greatly appreciated.


iTunes was unable to load data class information from Sync Services. Reconnect or try again later.

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ITunes was Unable to Load Data


There are many cell phones that can sync with Itunes but not every cellphone does. But this is the first time someone tries to use the LG UP3 USB type player. I don't think this is the software that you need. You should download the driver or the software of the said product from the internet. That is the most appropriate thing to do. Use Google search or yahoo or any web search that you can use. Then simply type on the search box LG UP3 driver or software then install it in your computer.

In conclusion I think it is best to use compatible software for the appropriate device.

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