ITunes Sync Problem to replacing new apps

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I'd like synchronize data between my iPhone and iTunes, there is usually no problem. And after upgrading to OS Lion, I was asked to confirm that all Apps and data will be replaced with Apps from the iTunes library.

Is all my App is also be deleted?
Is all my data will be deleted as well? 
And what about all of the order of layouts and a folder icon?
Are you sure you want to sync apps? All existing apps and their data on the iPhone "iPhone" will be replaced with apps from this iTunes library.
Cancel     Sync Apps
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ITunes Sync Problem to replacing new apps


Hi Arvidpayne,

Yes, it will delete all the data and the applications on your iPhone. Whatever is stored in your iTunes library will also be stored on your iPhone. Here is what I suggest:

1. Backup the files of your iPhone.

2. Check your iTunes settings. Make sure that the settings are not set to AUTOMATICALLY SYNC new apps, like what is shown above. Check everything, on iTunes, under devices, click your name and check all aspects from music, movies, pictures, etc. to not sync AUTOMATICALLY.

3. If possible sync data one by one or check only apps that you want to sync.

4. You can also transfer purchases from your iTunes to your iPhone. By clicking File>>Transfer purchases from iPod.

What worked for me is #2 making sure that my iTunes is not programmed to sync automatically to iPhone.

I hope this helps.

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