ITunes crashes when I try to use it

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I recently installed iTunes on my laptop (I've had it on my phone for years), and it crashes every time I attempt to use it. I've tried restarting my laptop, removing and reinstalling iTunes, and I keep having the same issue. I'm out of ideas, I would appreciate any troubleshooting tips or assistance. Thank you.

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ITunes crashes when I try to use it


Hello Dwight!

I am sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your ITunes right now. In order to assist you let me just recap what you have done lately.

1.  You mentioned that you already uninstalled and reinstalled ITunes.

2.  Sure that you already went multiple times with rebooting your system.

3.  Please make sure that you already tried updating the ITunes software to get latest fixes for problems/and or bugs.

If the above mentioned options didn’t work, try to check this steps.

1.  Remove ITunes properly by going to uninstall features in your Control Panel. If there’s any other Apple software installed, please try to uninstall all software/programs associated with Apple or your IPhone device.

2.  Look for the specific folder of Apple in your PC. To locate this you can just simply type “Apple” in your address bar after opening your drive.

3.  Now that we know that you have no more Apple folders in your computer. Restart your computer. Re-download Apple ITunes, Quicktime and other software that you need to make your IPhone device work properly.

4.  Update the ITunes, Quicktime and other associated software for Apple.

5.  Check again if ITunes will work.

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