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Hi all,
I just reformatted my PC and installed Windows 7 today (legal version from TechNet).

I made sure before doing so that all my Zune content was backed up. After re-installing the Zune software and copying all of my music content back to my PC, I got the error message: CAN’T PLAY.

SUMMARY : This item is no longer available at Zune Marketplace. Because of this, you can no longer play it or sync it with your Zune. There might be another iteration of it available in Zune Marketplace.

Error Code: C00D27E1

Here is a picture to better describe my problem…

Can any anyone help me?

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This item is no longer available at Zone Marketplace.



Hi Harry,
That is how DRM on purchased songs works…  it prevents you from copying.  When you copied the songs to the new drive, you left the licenses behind on your old drive.  (they're stored separately somewhere in c:windows, and are locked to the specific PC, so wouldn't work if you copied them to the new drive…that's how DRM prevents copying.)  So, there's good news and bad news… most if not all the zune marketplace has gone DRM-free on music…the good news.  But, you cannot restore DRM-free music on zune, iToons, amazon, etc. per record label restrictions- thus any of your DRM'd music that has converted to DRM-free is no longer restorable.
So, in both cases (DRM'd and DRM-free) you are on your own to backup your music- just as you should for anything you value on your hard drive.
Is this Zune Pass subscription content we are talking about, or purchased WMA tracks from the Marketplace?
Do the easier of copying them from the old to the new PC, or redownloading from the zune pass history in your account settings.  If you do move them, they should re-authorize when you login on the same account you use for the zune pass.

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