Is it possible not to embed .wav voice mails?

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Hi there!

I am currently using Exchange 2007 along with my Windows Server 2008 Standard 64bit. I was just wondering if it’s possible for me not to embed .wav voicemails.

I already tried removing the UM profile of the user but their e-mail still has an embedded .wav file of the message.

I apologize if you’ll find my explanation a little unclear but please feel free to ask me if you require more details.

I am looking forward to your response. Thank you. 

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Is it possible not to embed .wav voice mails?


Hello Gary V.

I think it is possible for you to avoid embedding the  .wav voicemails in your ms exchange server as you like. But first of all you will to say which phone system you are using for me to be able to find the context in which to help you solve that particular problem.

But in case you might be using a Cisco unity system, then it may be possible that the task you are trying to do is meant to be done from within the Cisco administration console, and hence the problem may be occurring because you just may be looking in the wrong place on the system.

So I will advice that you try looking in the right place on the system and see if you will overcome that problem.


Clair Charles


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