Is it Necessary to Disabled Internet Protocol?

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Is it necessary to disable my IP (Internet Protocol) when I’m using broadband or wireless connection?

If yes why?

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Is it Necessary to Disabled Internet Protocol?


Hi Echua

When using a broadband or wireless home network, it automatically assigns an IP to any device coming into range of wireless or connected with the hub. It seems very convenient to just connect a device then use internet and access the network.

But in some situations It can be a security risk, so to avoid any unauthorized access to your network, one precaution is to disable your automatic IP settings and manually assign IP to a device connecting to your network.

So if You want extra protection then do this.

To check your IP settings follow the below given instructions

  • In your PC go to Run and write ipconfig/all and hit enter
  • It will show your current IP address and other details.

To configure a computer on a network device, follow the below given instructions

Attach the device with the computer.

  • In control panel of your computer go to network connections.
  • Go to properties and the go to properties of Internet protocol.
  • There enter the IP address, Default gateway, sub net mask and DNs servers

Now your computer is ready to be used on a network device.

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Is it Necessary to Disabled Internet Protocol?


I don’t think it’s a good idea because it will surely prevent you from accessing any network. I mean you cannot disable the Internet Protocol of your computer because the system automatically accesses it every time a network connection is required. Like for example, if you are subscribed to a cabled internet like DSL, your computer’s IP address is usually fetched from the ISP by default. You don’t actually need to enter the specific IP address in the “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” configuration because the IP address is obtained from the ISP by default.

But you can always specify it in the field below it for troubleshooting purposes if you are encountering problems connecting to the internet. Disabling the Internet Protocol by un-checking it in the network configuration will totally disable all network activities on the machine. And if you’ll be using a broadband internet, you will not be able to access the internet. The Internet Protocol makes your computer visible in the network and allows you to access the internet for different resources.

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