It Disaster Recovery Plan Sample Document.

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IDR provides an approach to respond to the attacks on the infrastructure like software, hardware, process, network etc. The main reason to use IDR is to protect the investment and business. Describe about the ‘IT disaster recovery plan sample document’.

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It Disaster Recovery Plan Sample Document.



They provide an approach to respond to damaged systems and resuming them back to normal.

When you recognize a risk/ threat to the infrastructure, you need to determine the elements most important for performance.


1)      Essential to create an effective contingency plan.

2)      Business impact analysis tries to search and give priorities to the systems. Carry out a BIA.

3)      Look for the preventive measures to reduce the damage of IT components.

4)      Strategies regarding recovery must be planned to quickly and effectively recover the element from disruption.

5)      A plan containing the process to restore the damaged system.

6)      Test the plan to find the plan gaps.

7)      Train the plan to prepare for recovery activation.

8)      It should be updated on a regular basis.


1)      Plan team must meet all the internal teams of IT department.

2)      Gather all the relevant information about networks.

3)      Get the copies of IT AND DR plans.

4)      Search for the most serious threats and vulnerabilities..

5)      Take out the history of attacks and solutions.

6)      Search for the most serious assets.

7)      If the assets are unavailable, count the time required for recovery.

8)      See the process and check when they were last implemented along with their outcomes.

9)      Find the emergency response team and vendor emergency response capabilities.

10)   Pile up the results of assessments to know what is done and what is required.

11)   Do the Management review and plan an IDR.

12)   Carry out the rest of plans to bring the plan into action.

13)   Decide the next review of IDR.

The IT structures that invest in their businesses must invest their resourced to protect the unplanned attacks for a smooth performance.

For this download the IDR.

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