Issues in using Weka Segmentation

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I am a new user. I want to use advanced Weka Segmentation plugin. Though I just installed Fiji and copied the java file from the advanced Weka Segmentation plugin in the folder of Fiji plugin. I get an error message while running the plugin-

 C:\ cannot find symbol
symbol  : class WekaSegmentation
location: class trainableSegmentation.Weka_Segmentation
        final WekaSegmentation wekaSegmentation;

It includes with more errors with saying that the Weka Segmentation could not be found. I have placed the Weka Segmentation file where it should be placed. Though the same thing appears.

Can someone make me understand the problem?

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Issues in using Weka Segmentation


Hey Jeremy!

There is a solution of this problem. Many Fiji users face this error but don't worry i have a solution for you.


First of all make sure that your Fiji is updated. To update the Fiji follow these steps.

1. Open Fiji.

2. Click on Help button on the toolbar (top of the software window).

3. Select update Fiji (At the right bottom).

4. After that try to find the Advanced Weka Segmentation Plugins.

5. After that go to segmentation.

6. To check whether the plugins are installed or not, go to Plugins > Segmentation > Advanced Segmentation.

You will not face this problem anymore.


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