Issues with the SD Card Reader on a XMG P304 Laptop

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The SD Card Reader on my XMG P306 Laptop is behaving weirdly. When I put the SD card in the slot, I see all the thumbnails of all the picture in the card with no issue. However, when I try to actually open a picture, copy it or interact with it in any way, I can’t. I get an error saying that there is no card in the system. Is this a problem of the SD card or of the Card Reader?

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Issues with the SD Card Reader on a XMG P304 Laptop


Hello Allen

The thumbnails you are seeing are probably from a thumbnail cache.

Follow the given below steps

(a) Use the SD Card on a different machine. If it is readable then back up all your data.

(b) Use another SD Card which you have verified on the second machine to check the functionality of your SD Card reader on your laptop.

(c) Once the fault has been located in the SD Card / Reader then the process is clear.

(d) In case your SD Card has an issue then use any of the data recovery software to recover files.

(e) If your card reader has an issue please contact support personnel of your laptop vendor.

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Issues with the SD Card Reader on a XMG P304 Laptop


It could be a problem either with the card reader on your computer or with the SD card itself. First, you need to check if the SD card itself is perfectly working and doesn’t have a problem. To do this, you need to insert it on another computer with a built-in card reader or on the same computer but using a USB card reader.

This is the only way you can check the stability or integrity of your SD card. Once inserted, try copying one of the photos or all of the photos from the SD card to the hard drive to verify if this is going to work. Once copied, open the picture or pictures on the hard drive and see if you can open them without a problem.

If this is successful, remove the SD card from the second computer and then insert it again on your computer. Repeat the same task. Copy the pictures from the SD card onto your hard drive and then open the photos from the hard drive and see if this is successful.

If this is not possible or opening a picture directly from the SD card still gives an error, you probably need to buy a new card reader such as the Tek Republic 12-in-1 USB Card Reader.

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