Issues in Outlook 07 on downloading emails

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I need to know a couple of information about Outlook 07. 

Firstly, when I started to send and receive the email in outlook 07 always a dialog box pops up. It says that Microsoft Office Enterprise 07 is configuring files and folders and then it was installing something and it stops me using other programs.

When I press send/receive is that it sends and receives mail this only occurs. I'd like to stop this, if possible.

Secondly, I can’t find any option to create a rule to stop Outlook 07 from downloading email.

For a specific recipient who shares the account, I'd like to be able to stop it downloading from the server email.

It seems not to be an option in the supposedly better Outlook but this was perfectly possible in Outlook Express.

I need your suggestion please.

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Issues in Outlook 07 on downloading emails


Hi Dear Isabella Sy,

The problem you have discussed above seems that your Microsoft outlook is not working properly and there is something corrupt in the software so the better option is to remove this software once and again install this software with the latest version this will solve your problem.
Hope this solution is easy for your because the thing you are discussion above can be resolve that is much more difficult than install this software again even I tell you could not resolve this issue by that process so the best option as an expert is only re-installing this Microsoft look.
You should install the latest version of Microsoft look which is 2010. Latest version is much better than this one and such sort of problem also doesn't occur.

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