Issues with Classic Mac Games on G5

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I need help with my Classic Mac games on Power Mac G5. I cannot make it work. My tons of Mac games are older version and need OS 9 in order to sync. There is no option for System Restore in G5.

Most of my games are compatible with G3 but I am using G5 so I really need help. I have OS Tiger and Leopard. I used both for dual booting.

One of my games called Doom 3 can be played by both Leopard and Tiger and its performance with Tiger is super fine. My problem is I don’t have a CD for my G5.

How can I install Classic Mac games in G5 without using any disk?

 I know it will require an original disk and when I tried to copy the installed game file in my OS 9, I got an error.

What can I do to fix it?

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Issues with Classic Mac Games on G5


Hi Rachel,

Without G5 original disk there is no way you can do this, in order to get help  you might have to check with someone if you can get a G5 CD (old version ) then only then it can work, because usually the games when they are designed in previous times mostly power PC architecture was being utilized, and now in new times the Intel architecture is being utilized, so all the games who are on to universal binaries are compatible on both G3 & G5 however there are few games which are only compatible on Power PC only.

 And may be the game you are trying to play may run only on power PC, therefore it is very essential for you to get power PC installed, and therefore a CD will be must in order for you to have it fixed.



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