Issue with Microsoft Excel on Save Option

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I have a PC with specs XP Sp3, 2 GB of RAM & 320 GB Hard Drive and I have installed Microsoft Excel 2000 edition. When I was done with the entries and saved the Excel Worksheet, it generated an error message and terminated the application. I have also tried different methods of saving the sheet such as short cut strings, the disk icon on the standard toolbar etc.

Furthermore, it generated temporary files on the desktop with strange sorts of file names, for instance, F191000, 0F42F000, CC932000, etc., though these are empty files.

Finally, I have installed a new copy of Operating System and Microsoft Excel 2000 in order to get rid of the problem, and I did. But after a month passed, the same issue occurred. I would really appreciate your help with this concern. Thank you.

Alfresco Office Add-In

Unable to save the workbook to Alfresco: SaveAs method of Workbook

class failed


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Issue with Microsoft Excel on Save Option




I have just gone through your problem and I think this can be happening due to two reasons.

One reason is you have installed the old version of MS Excel software. This version is very old and you might be known MS Excel 2010 has been released in the last year. So you can install new version to solve this problem in one way.

A second reason for having this problem is you may have a virus installed in your computer. If there is a virus it may be installed on different partitions in your computer since you have already formatted.

So you should have a full format your machine and try to install new version of excel.

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