Issue Connecting 3G Modem In Linux

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Am using a 3g modem to access internet on my computer. Its working great on windows operating system but whenever i try to connect it into linux its not detecting it as a modem only the removable storage medium is detected by the linux.


The green light is blinking on my usb which shows that modem is getting signals but its not detected as a modem in linux.

I tried using wvdialconf command to configure it automatically which i use everytime for my mobile device to get automatically configured in linux but still its not configuring it.

Can i use any type of software to get it detected as my windows software which comes along with the modem is useless in linux.

Modem : 3g Modem

Model: E1731


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Issue Connecting 3G Modem In Linux


Good day!
The reason why your 3G modem was not detected in your Linux machine is because it was not recognized. It lacks the corresponding driver.
I must admit that even though Linux is a powerful OS, it still lacks several drivers for many hardware devices. Only those common hardware devices have drivers, but unfortunately devices like 3G modem are rare to find drivers specially if the brand of your 3G modem is not that popular.
But you can try your luck. Determine the brand and model number of your 3G modem and look for Linux drivers on the net.
Another possible solution here is to buy modem supported by your linux box.

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Issue Connecting 3G Modem In Linux


Hi, I think your modem is made by Huawei and there’s a chance you can use it on your Linux.

You must check you kernel version that it must be 2.6.20 version or newer.

Check for the presence of the following kernel modules :

Kernal Model

Connect your modem to USB port and verify if you have “/dev/ttyUSB*”, one of these devices should be your modem.

Your modem doesn’t need any particular new driver but should but uses the usb-serial driver provided by Linux kernel.

You can try the package usb-modeswitch if your usb-storage gives you problems.

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