IrfanView Windows can’t play this file

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Hello Everybody,

I have installed IrfanView on my windows XP Professional SP 2. Everything was working fine until I uninstalled the software for some security reason. I was running the 3.8 version , and heard about the latest version 4.2. I downloaded the latest version and installed it without any error messages.

Now I am not able to view or open the application whatever I do. I keep getting this error message:

Error: Windows can’t play this file!

Windows error text: The specified file cannot be played on the specified MCI device. The file may be corrupt, not in the correct format, or no file handler available for this format..

You can try to install additional video/audio codec’s from this site:

Please help.

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IrfanView Windows can’t play this file


Hello Anthony.

Although you didn't mention it in your question, I assume your problem is related to playback of video files.

First of all, please verify if the video files are really not corrupted. You can do that by trying it out on another computer or trying to play it on another movie player such Windows Media Player, KMPlayer or VLC player.

Although Irfanview can play a lot of video file formats by default, some of it requires plugins to be able to play. Check out this link from Irfanview's site

The formats with * are those that require plugins (examples are OGG, MOV, MP4). If the file formats you are trying to play belongs to the list that requires plugins then download and install the plugins which can be downloaded from here.

Hope this helps!

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IrfanView Windows can’t play this file


I think the solution is very simple you need to check if your drivers are for local system that is given to you by the autodriver and you need to check your system if it is Intel driver and if yes so you need to have graphic card for your Intel driver so I think you need to rebuild your drivers again and re-use your Irfanview from the beginning and if you still have the same problem you need to build your IfranView like that W/WMP IrfanView not like that W/Out WMP IrfanView so you can see and play your files that you need to play using your IrfanView and you may need to take a look at this link to know how to use, choose and try the codec as asked in the error message.

Hope this solution helps you.

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