IPod won’t connect to my pc

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I have an Apple nano iPod 80 GB. Recently I have been having a problem connection it to my pc. I have tired all standard solutions on this issue, but none of them works. I have reseted my iPod, format my pc and so on.

Did anyone had a problem like this ?

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IPod won’t connect to my pc


 Hello there!

Did you try the steps in the iPod troubleshooting assistant which applies to your iPod? If you have already done so, check each of the following solutions:

  1. Charge the iPod to make sure it is getting power. Your iPod must have power for your computer to recognize it.

  2. Secure its connections. Make sure that there is nothing physically blocking you computer's USB port inside and only use the cable that came with your iPod. Some cables not manufactured by Apple may not work properly with iPod.

  3. Place the iPod into Disk Mode to see if it is recognized by iTunes or windows explorer. If it appears in iTunes when in disk mode, restore the iPod.

  4. Determine which format the iPod is in. ITunes for windows only recognizes windows-formatted iPods. You cannot use Macintosh-formatted iPod with a windows pc until the iPod is reformatted for windows.

  5. Verify that USB drivers are installed. Connect your iPod to the computer. Right click My Computer and choose Properties. Click the Hardware tab and click the Device Manager button. Click the + icon next to the Universal Serial Bus controllers. Locate the iPod on the list. If you do not see it, expand other sections such as other devices and portable devices. If there is an exclamation mark appearing next to the iPod entry, reinstall the USB driver.

  6. Determine if windows confuses iPod with a network drive. If the drive letter after iPod (E in most cases) is mapped to a network drive or other external hard drive, both windows explorer and iTunes may exhibit strange behavior in relation to the iPod including preventing iPod appearing.

  7. Reinstall iTunes.

  8. Determine if there may be an issue with your computer. If another computer recognizes your iPod, you may want to troubleshoot for issues with your original computer.

  9. If the following steps did not help you, your iPod needs service.

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IPod won’t connect to my pc



Check the iPod cable and ensure that it is connected properly.

Also check to ensure that iTunes is installed on your computer.

Another thing that you might need to check is whether the firewall is blocking accessibility of USB devices.
Ensure that when you connect your iPod to the computer, the computer does not confuse it with a normal USB drive whereby it needs you to open and view the contents instead of playing the music on the iPod. Remove the iPod and plug it again and see the response.

For more information on how to troubleshoot that problem, visit the following site:

Download Link

Hope this helps.

Lee Hung.

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