IPod Update Error Due To Disk

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I got an IPod shuffle from my friend, as a gift for my birthday. It has some problem. Whenever, I try to connect it with iTunes, it prompts an error saying,

ITunes Ipod Error


The iPod “Administrator’s iPod” cannot be updated. The disk could not be read from or written to.

It’s a second hand iPod and was purchased from Amazon, so there is no return possible.

Please guide me how to make this iPod work again.

I am using a Pentium iii, 933 MHz processor with Intel 815 eea 2 board and 512 MB of RAM, with 120 GB of hard disk. My operating system is Windows 2000 professional edition and office 2000 is installed on it.


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IPod Update Error Due To Disk


Hi there,

Your problem can be caused by many different scenarios, worst there could be a defect in the hardware and probably you may need to replace it.  Now before that, here are some tips you can try first:

  1. Your operating system may be outdated. Try updating your operating system over the internet.  Sometimes this can cause read and write errors on the iPod shuffle, due to connection issues with older versions of Windows.
  2. Some other application may be interfering with iTunes. Close/Disable all or any Antivirus, that are running in the background to ensure that nothing can interfere, during the read and write process of your iPod shuffle.
  3. A file inside your iPod shuffle may be damaged or corrupted. If one of your music file, inside your iPod shuffle is corrupted or broken, it can cause this error; if possible, try reformatting your iPod first through My Computer.
  4. The disk structure of your iPod shuffle may be damaged. You can fix this, by going to My Computer and find your iPod shuffle there, right click on it; then go to Tools, then under Error-checking, click Check now… and a window should appear.  Check both checkboxes and click the Start button, wait for it to finish and try again.

If all of this fails, you may need to take it for repair or just completely replace it.

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