IPod Middle Button Not Working

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The middle button on my iPod is not working. I can press it but nothing is registering on the screen.

How can I fix this problem?

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IPod Middle Button Not Working


Hi Susan Coleman,

You should know that normally this issue is not caused by hardware malfunctioning but due to the dust or any other particles which stuck underneath the home button causing the button to malfunction. So, consider following the steps written below to get rid of this situation.

1. Use toothbrush’s bristles gently to go underneath the surface of home button. While pressing the home button intermittently put the bristles hard inside the home button through its round edges and make a circle many times.

2. If the problem persists, try to get some space in your iPhone because when you have low memory in your storage area the problem appears.

3. Actually the issue is partly related to the available resources on the device. When the available resources become less than the applications etc the buttons becomes unresponsive & sometimes it can hang the screen.

4. So, best of all solutions is to make some room for applications to run smoothly and try restoring your mobile can also help.

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IPod Middle Button Not Working


Hello Susan, 

when your home button does not work on a longer term that is 99% surely because of a problem under the iPods' 'skin'. 

There is a video about how to replace the Home Button. (Probably some sensors near the Home Button have been broken, that can be also the problem). I have done it thousand times but if you are not enough confident you would better take it to a service and they can do it for about 10-20$ for you. To do it you will need a special equipment and a nex home button, you can order these from ebay for example. 

Be careful and have nice day!

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