[iPod] Device overheats and exits out of apps

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When I am using my iPod 4g, it gets extremely hot and also exits out of apps, mostly from playing the game Infinity Blade.  However, I also experienced this while playing Tap Tap Revenge.  I restored it but it was not successful.          

What could be the cause of the heating issue? 

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[iPod] Device overheats and exits out of apps


One of the reasons why your ipod gets too hot is that you're playing a game with high end graphics. That's quite normal since the ipod doesn't have a cooling system unlike most computer systems. Also, are you playing the game while charging? Try not to do that as it adds additional heat to the ipod while you're using it. 

You mentioned that you already did a restore. Did you restore it from a backup? DId you restore it to its original defaults? Try to do both first and see if they resolve your issue.

Also, I know that there were a batch of ipod 4g released that were having defective battery units. If you've done all the above and your ipod is still heating up, you may want to have it checked at a Genius bar in your local Apple store. You may have a defective battery there.

Good luck!


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