The iPhone “VJ’s iPhone” could not be undated error occurred (3000).

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Hi there,

I made some updates on my laptop’s OS and now I have this error from my iPhone. It says that I cannot update my iPhone and in this I case I don’t know what I should do. It worked just fine before the updates and now I am stuck with this error. Does anyone have any idea what this means? How can I solve this error?



The iPhone “VJ’s iPhone” could not be undated. An unknown error occurred (3000).


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The iPhone “VJ’s iPhone” could not be undated error occurred (3000).


This is a common error when updating iOS devices and the usual cause is iTunes. You use iTunes to update your device, install different apps, backup your Smartphone’s data, synchronize your device with your account, and other stuffs. If iTunes is giving you errors when connecting your device to your computer, try reinstalling the application.

Uninstall iTunes, restart your computer, and then install iTunes back. See if this fixes the problem. If not and you still see the error, you are probably using an outdated version of the program. If this is the case, you need to update iTunes. Updating iTunes normally fixes the problem. See if you can update iTunes using the built-in Update function.

If clicking on the Update button of the program also throws an error, just download the latest version manually from iTunes 11.1.5 Download. Once downloaded, uninstall the old version, restart your computer, and install the latest version you just downloaded. After this, try updating your iPhone again.

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